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Friday, July 13, 2012


Yhuwdah Fam,

What's up!

I know it has been a long times since you've last received a blog from me, but I will commit to doing better with blogging :-)

Yesterday my family and I celebrated my daughter A'Leyah 4th birthday! It was a great time out the three of my girls (wife & two daughters) that I felt the need to blog about it. My wife orchestrated one of the greatest birthday surprises ever, in the history of our family name. Anytime McDonald's is involved you can guarantee that your child's birthday party is going to be major :-) Children and there parents came from all around Mahaboula, Kuwait area and took part in this very youth celebration. The parents i.e. my wife and myself tend to have enjoyed this evening a lot more then the children did. With all the singing, games, dancing, presents, McDonald's burger meals and of course cake we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. My daughter (A'Leyah) and I had a head bangin' time shaking our hair like rock stars. My other daughter (Jayme) and I had a enjoyed spinning in a millions circles like ballerinas, doing karate kicks, and fake splits ;-) Everybody was tired, out of breathe, sweaty, and joyful of the gathering as Ajeesh Kolladath from AJ Photography took camera shots of the event. The end result of that evening was: both parents and children filled with cake and knocked out (sleep) by 8:30 pm :-)

A'Leyah Owens
Birthday Girl 4yrs old

Jayme Owens
2yrs old

It was a great day!