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Friday, January 20, 2012

Reality Check

Yhuwdah Fam,

How are you? I pray your days are well. Well, as for myself things haven't been to great, which I expected. Things change, problems arise, and people...well you know how people are (smiles). Along my very trying journey I have had many ups and downs, but today it has donned on me that my fantasy world doesn't exist within reality (meaning things will not constantly go the way "I" want them to). Reality always tends to peek its head up in the midst of your "high". However, sad it might sound, if it weren't for reality some of us may honestly think that what we deem as friends, business partners, etc. are actually just passers-by. I appreciate those of you that have stay throughout this journey; covering us in prayer; encouraging "Team Owens" (Teri & James Owens/ Life Partners/Business Partners/ Co-laboring Parents) to "go hard or go home"; and even for your correction whether it was business related or covenantly related.

I continue to learn, day-in and day-out, that I will forever be learning whether willfully or not, by experiences in life. So take life's teachings and make them applicable so that you don't repeat history's mistakes. is getting a face-lift right now and I just want to inform you that we have about 147 Yhuwdah V-Neck Tees available for pre-order so put your order if you want to secure your shirt. 

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