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Friday, July 13, 2012


Yhuwdah Fam,

What's up!

I know it has been a long times since you've last received a blog from me, but I will commit to doing better with blogging :-)

Yesterday my family and I celebrated my daughter A'Leyah 4th birthday! It was a great time out the three of my girls (wife & two daughters) that I felt the need to blog about it. My wife orchestrated one of the greatest birthday surprises ever, in the history of our family name. Anytime McDonald's is involved you can guarantee that your child's birthday party is going to be major :-) Children and there parents came from all around Mahaboula, Kuwait area and took part in this very youth celebration. The parents i.e. my wife and myself tend to have enjoyed this evening a lot more then the children did. With all the singing, games, dancing, presents, McDonald's burger meals and of course cake we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. My daughter (A'Leyah) and I had a head bangin' time shaking our hair like rock stars. My other daughter (Jayme) and I had a enjoyed spinning in a millions circles like ballerinas, doing karate kicks, and fake splits ;-) Everybody was tired, out of breathe, sweaty, and joyful of the gathering as Ajeesh Kolladath from AJ Photography took camera shots of the event. The end result of that evening was: both parents and children filled with cake and knocked out (sleep) by 8:30 pm :-)

A'Leyah Owens
Birthday Girl 4yrs old

Jayme Owens
2yrs old

It was a great day!


Monday, January 23, 2012


What up Fam!

Well today started out a very great day (or should I say night being that I work graveyard shift-lol) for me. I want to say thank you for your support whether it  be "word-of-mouth" advertisement/promo, funds (pre-orderings and/or investing), much needed prayer, and/or words of encouragement; it is seriously appreciated. Yhuwdah has come a long ways and have obtained many bumps and bruises, but along the way wisdom became a good friend :)

Yhuwdah is communicating with a few boutiques and department stores, so stay tune for the outcome of that. Also, we are communicating with a hand full of people from the professional entertainment industry (whom we will not disclose as of yet) that are considering Yhuwdah as their apparel of choice. Keep us in prayer as we continue to grow as a brand.

PS. We are now considering both small & large investors just contact us at our  and we will respond. Lastly, we want to encourage you to go to and place your pre-order for your Yhuwdah V-Neck Tee (Summer 2012 Limited Edition Collection).

Friday, January 20, 2012

Reality Check

Yhuwdah Fam,

How are you? I pray your days are well. Well, as for myself things haven't been to great, which I expected. Things change, problems arise, and people...well you know how people are (smiles). Along my very trying journey I have had many ups and downs, but today it has donned on me that my fantasy world doesn't exist within reality (meaning things will not constantly go the way "I" want them to). Reality always tends to peek its head up in the midst of your "high". However, sad it might sound, if it weren't for reality some of us may honestly think that what we deem as friends, business partners, etc. are actually just passers-by. I appreciate those of you that have stay throughout this journey; covering us in prayer; encouraging "Team Owens" (Teri & James Owens/ Life Partners/Business Partners/ Co-laboring Parents) to "go hard or go home"; and even for your correction whether it was business related or covenantly related.

I continue to learn, day-in and day-out, that I will forever be learning whether willfully or not, by experiences in life. So take life's teachings and make them applicable so that you don't repeat history's mistakes. is getting a face-lift right now and I just want to inform you that we have about 147 Yhuwdah V-Neck Tees available for pre-order so put your order if you want to secure your shirt. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pre-Ordering Information

Greetings Yhuwdah Fam!

It's ya boi here just informing you of the new website, which is currently under re-construction/ improvement, will launch at Yhuwdah Official Website. It was laid upon my heart to feed the high expectation of this brand by making it available for you to pre-order from this collection prior to the official launch date in June 2012. There will only be a few garments, that will only be available in two of the three color choices available for the pre-order. Below is the list for the following benefits of those who pre-order "this" collection's garment(s):
  1. You will be among the first to have your choice of size & color garment locked-in on what we are presenting as a Limited Edition Collection.
  2. Free shipping will be made available for all U.S., APO, FPO, & Kuwait orders placed before March 1, 2012.
  3. Your garment(s) of choice will be mailed off weeks prior to the actual launch of the clothing line in stores, boutiques, and/or online (other online stores). 
I pray that you take advantage of this extreme offer and find comfort in knowing that you will be among the first to ever own Yhuwdah apparel!  Stay tuned for the reveal of the items that will go on our pre-ordering list at