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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Limited Edition Collection

This is what I count as an attribute of Yhuwdah's first collection. Yhuwdah will be releasing its first collection as a "limited edition" , making it a very unique collection to possess; due to its rarity. Yhuwdah will be made available online and in several boutiques both nationally and internationally. This initial collection is comprised of clothing for both genders.
Whether it be a woman's dress, jeggings/skinny jeans, and/or polo shirt onwards to the a man's tee shirt, button shirt, polo shirt, and/or jeans. Either gender can look for this label (figure 1.1) on the inside back of your garments. It will indeed be the stamp of quality approved.

Figure 1.1

The Official website will, of course, be the place to PRE-ORDER our merchandise for purposes of ensuring you get "in" on this brand new movement....Yhuwdah! Anyone interested in bulk orders ie. for store placement, feel free to Contact Us  and we will keep you posted as we progress.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fashion Has No Boundaries

It simply amazes me how diverse fashion is in this modern day. What one group of people say is weird or peculiar, the other admonish the sense of it. I was looking through my Facebook today and came across a picture of my two daughters and was appalled at the fact that they choose the clothes that they were wearing along with the accessories and in the picture they acting natural or normal but it came across as though they were modeling or something! Then as I looked deeper into the more fashion sense of it, I seen that they were speaking a language that said, to me at least, that I am beautiful and confident. At that moment I said, "I want every that wears Yhuwdah Clothing to have an attitude that says the same thing that these two beautiful creations were saying without words.

So regardless of your size, color, race, and/or style utilize fashion as a way to communicate to others your ideas, feelings, and preferences. However, in seeing that fashion is indeed a language you may want to be careful what you are saying.